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What clients are saying...

As a mother of a preteen and a small business owner, I have had Rick come to my home for tutorials on a regular basis. With a busy schedule, I find this extremely convenient and time efficient. He has taken my mess of a computer, cleaned it up, and increased my knowledge as it pertains to my business and the social media that my children will be exposed to. Basically, he has helped to keep me up to date as computers become more sophisticated and intertwined in my daily life. Rick is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and at the same time he has an easy disposition that translates will into his teaching style.
— Kelly H.


Experienced, Friendly, Enthusiastic

Our goal is to share our Mac and iOS knowledge with you while having fun. Whether you just bought your first computer, or you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your iPad, our hope is that these lessons allow you to start using your Apple products to connect with friends, create inspiring projects, and maximize productivity.


The Story

Rick Stawarz is the Founder and Lead Trainer at Macinstructor. Prior to starting Macinstructor three and a half years ago, Rick spent five years working at Apple, both at the flagship store in Chicago and the Birmingham store. At Apple, Rick trained staff and customers, and he's answered nearly every question about the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

After repeatedly being asked if people could take him home with them, Rick decided to start Macinstructor. Rick, along with his team of former Apple employees, now serves over 250 households and small businesses in Birmingham. Whether it's organizing your photos, managing documents on the iPad, editing your next full-feature film, or just finding the iMac's power button, the Macinstructor team is here for you.


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